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Namaskar to all my Friends, Brothers and sisters living on this holy Planet, “The earth”.


May All Be Prosperous and Happy
May All Be Free from illness
May All See What Is Spiritually Uplifting
May No One Suffer In Any Way
Om Peace, Peace, Peace

Earn with membership

Earn without investment. No investment at any point is required but only promotion of the Health supplements only after you using them. You are requested to initiate your earnings only if you are convinced that the Health supplements you used  have done miracle to you. Hence You may than initiate with the process of earning. This will make you easy to convince others for the usage of these supplements.

Friends how about a system which not only strives to help you to get all the important ingredients required by your Body but also helps you to eradicate from many diseases such as Diabetes, Joint pains, impotency, general wellness and much more but most importantly the system which also cares for your earning.

We have studied the time and money devoted by the various governments for the wellbeing of their Nation. Our India is also one of them.

Friends why do not we develop a system which may fewer the imports of the medicine related salts and equipment’s  and let these savings be distributed among our countrymen. You will be astonished to know that India imports Rs 25000 Crore of the salts and medical related equipment’s.

If we are able to curve these imports by 50% at the very initial step than every one of our population is going to get 120 Crore per annum. This figure will obviously surprise you. Hence understand what is meant to be done by you but make it fast. We have realized the potential that why we were called the Golden Bird. Here lies they Key, and its open for all. You have just to spread the Niramaya Group products and health supplements to every of the person Living in the remotest Indian Village. These products are surely going to save each one of us from many diseases and also help in Promoting Indian Ayurveda.

Friends, please understand that we will not only be saving ourselves from the diseases but also getting our required strengths which the Nation requires from every person. This will further lesson the burden of import on our Indian Government and hence will help our Governance to save these Dollars while we will continue with the process of Sharing and caring for each one of us. 

Our motive is to curb this import at the earliest and distribute the saved money between the country men. Let every one of us to earn Rs ( INR )50000.00 at the very first step with a consolidated earning of Rs 30000.00 as a pension to the member till he lives.

What you have to do for this?

You have only to ask or order one or 2 samples for you as per your pocket which related to the Health supplement which you want to try. Just try them for the prescribed period and as per the procedure mentioned. And when you find yourself comfortably convinced by using the related product. Apply for a Gold Card. And after getting it you may initiate with procurement of order by just making the people convince to use it and join it for earning, also.

You may also initiate with the Diamond Card but only after becoming a Gold Card and hence successfully serving as a Gold Card member for at least 100 Kg for any of the product or products of Niramay Group.

The details of the Forms are as stated below.

Form to Earn without investing a Penny – If a member wants to Earn from this Website along with doing the Nobel Cause of spreading the Art of Living and most importantly Science of Living referred  as, “ Indian Ayurveda “, without investing a Single Penny than you have only to use the Health supplement once. If you agree with the response of the claim made by that particular product and hence you are ready to promote it, than invest your some precious time for letting others to be helped by using it. This will initiate your process of Earning .

  1. Earn 1st 20000.00 from direct sale – Here you will provide ID of the Person you have made interested for the Purchase. The particular ID Will be working under you. The ID Directly created by you can purchase up to maximum of 250 Kg. On this direct sale you will be provided an earning of Rs. ( INR)20000(Twenty thousand only).This income of your will remain permanent till the stage of maximum of 250 Kg. The Amount @ Rs 80/ kg will be basic calculation of Your Income. We Term this as Gold Level. The money will be transferred automatically in your provide account details.
  2. Earn Rs.30000.00 from indirect sale – Here the Sale made by your 2nd ID will be counted. The maximum of 500 kg Sale is allowed under this category. This will also serve like a royalty to you. Whether you are working or not but if your 2nd Id made by you are working than you are liable for getting maximum of Rs.( INR) 30000.00 till they sustain to work. This we Term as Branch level. The Amount @ Rs 60/ kg will be basic calculation of Your Income. We Term this as Diamond Level.

The money will be transferred automatically in your provide account details. 

The process will be ongoing process. Hence A person can earn up to Rs 50000.00 without any investment with an added advantage of Royalty, also. This will make you feel of getting pension like money for you and your family.

Online Application for Customer Id Creation.

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