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Namaskar to all my Friends, Brothers and sisters living on this holy Planet, “The earth”.


May All Be Prosperous and Happy
May All Be Free from illness
May All See What Is Spiritually Uplifting
May No One Suffer In Any Way
Om Peace, Peace, Peace

Site Map

This site, “ Niramaya Group” is primarily floated for the well being of the entire humanity living on this Planet, “The Earth “. It is thrugh this common Platform that we will also make you acquainted with the Science of Living, in the name of Ayurveda . We will also wish to make you understand of the Art of Living.

We will also initiate an inert Journey to let you meet yourself. We will make you learn the Art of living based on Indian Ayurveda and Yoga. This will help your body to gradually eradicate the diseases from their very roots unlike the contemporary medicines. Though my friends in the Allopathic  medicine are also trying their best to fight against the Diseases and Viruses such as Corona 19 or Covid Virus. The Ayurveda medication has no side effects, when treated as mentioned in our relevant Blogs.. You have to just read and follow the Articles which we will be delivering in our Blogs, only posted for you.

The products of Niramaya Group will bring a new positivity and Liveliness in you.

What more is required when you have reincarnated your body and Soul with all the Positivity? No external disease or any Pandemic like COVID 19 or even more, will harm you. We will build a Fort in your body which will never be invaded by any external disease.  We all can change the negative flowing energies having vibrations full of Hatred, Selfishness and despair in the wind with Positive Energy full of love, sharing, joy and charged body.Y our Life span will increase. And the Mother Nature will than not be angry with us, the Ozone layer will thus start forming at a very good pace. And simultaneously Natural calamities such as drought, Flood, earthquake, Storm etc will vanish.

The Sharing reminds me of one thing that if we continue to share our learning from this website to our fellow friend and dear ones than within few time, we will have wonderful development of strong and Positive energy, Good and healthy Human Beings with a personified Soul. I agree that by virtue of this sharing, we all will have a strong Network .

One thing for sure which we all will have to promote is to make the world, realize with our Purchase Power, also. We can do this without investing. Just we have to convince our fellow friends that, if they want to Purchase anything, Promote them to purchase by Clicking from this website, because this is your website. By making our Networking of strong Purchasers, Purchasing anything from our website, we will be able to build a collective Purchasing force which will help us all in Building a Purchase Platform through which we will initiate our earnings and distribute them among our Team members. The details will be shared, once they are finalized by the company.

In short You will Tour, Get all the extracts of 3500 Year Old Art of living by Virtue of which the Ancient Indian People Possessed Healthy Physique (Just analyze the weight of Sword, they used to Carry, their clothes, still evident in Museums and Forts) Personified Soul by Virtue of Using natural Herbs and shrubs as mentioned in “Ayurveda” and Practicing Yoga along with meditation as mentioned in our related Blogs.

We have thus designed this Site Having Following Tabs –

Home Page To brief you about the Niramaya Group“.

About us To make you understand our motive behind Floating of this Site and consequently some distinct features of  this Website for your better medication buy reading the provided articles and the Health related Products meant  for you..

ServicesThe Services which we are going to render through this website are mentioned Here. Various links for Online Purchase of the commodities are shared here. You have to instigate your Team/ Network to Purchase by using this Link provided in our website. They will get the commodity on the same rate but You/ your Team will be benefitted with some money, in a long run.. Just believe and initiate with full confidence, have patience, the things will change and because you are not investing anything and we have just launched our Site, after many years of continuous researches put for your help, that too free of cost along with a thrilling tour. You have just to Utilize your skills of convincing people to Join and share the likes of this website. We surely have to do a lot before emerging as the Biggest Network and that too at a wink. Don’t stop. Utilize your free time.

Blogs   We will try our level best to provide you with knowledge of you Body systems and working. Also the usage of particular constituent for your body growth. You will get every detail of the concerned subject on that Blog. Never Miss it. It can work for you but if does not work for you than you can surely help others to eradicate their diseases by Virtue of your Knowledge, earned from that reading of Blog. Hence don’t waste the time, and be energetic, full of enthusiasm to experience a Virtual Journey with us. Apart from being written in English, the Blogs  will be translated in Hindi and French.

Purchase Best Ayurveda Products –

The best Ayurveda Products can be purchased by you, by using this facality. You may also register yourself as a Gold member if you want to earn Rs 20000 per month or per week as you desire. It all depends upon first sale of 250 Kg of the various products of Niramaya Buti where an amount of Rs 80’ kg per sale weight is refunded back in your Account.

You can also earn Lifelong royalty of Rs 30000.00 . Become a Diamond Member and continue earning when you are sleeping, also. In totality a Diamond Member may earn upto Rs 50000.00 While Gold member upto Rs 20000.00

Contact us You will find a comment box where you can Post your queries. You are provided with an email id where you can further detail any queries; you can also mail your Form to the given mail Id,,  to become a member to start earning without investment.

News- The world wide news Bulletin related to Health can be viewed under this Tab. The channels with other Important topics may be viewed.

Adhyatam –For Inner Well being

  We all want to be a good human being . We all want to have good life. Most importantly we all want to enjoy life to the maximum and live in Bliss.

When this aforesaid are our motives than what is stopping us, all from achieving them needs to be clearly understood. . Why are we in so discomfort? Why are we getting impatient to achieve more and more ? Will this attainment make us happy and comfortable?

Certainly what is the right path to lead a consistent fruitful life? We will surely let you know. The related topics will be shared to you. Undoubtedly they will help you to heal your thoughts, motions from withing. They will reincarnate you by bringing the ture self of yours. They will make you realise the very purpose for which you are on the earth. Just read and listen to them, they are surely menat for inner wellbeing for all of us.